McDonald's® McRib™ Sandwich

9. února 2011 v 21:23

1 JTM® Brand "Grillin' Ribs" pork patty
1 6 inch long sandwich bun
2 Tablespoons McDonald's® Barbecue sauce (see recipe under McNuggets®)
1 Tablespoon chopped white onion
3 sour dill pickle slices

Note** J-T-M™ is the only brand of these pressed and formed pork patties that I've seen. They are shaped like a rack of ribs, just like at McDonald's®. I get
them at Wal-Mart®. Look for them in the frozen meat section, near the pre-formed hamburger patties.

                                                     Cooking Your McRib®

1. Preheat your griddle to 400°. Cook the pork patty just like a quarter pound beef patty. (consult the package directions for cooking times and other cooking
2. Toast the faces of both halves of the bun, using the bun toasting method described throughout this site.
3. On the toasted crown (top) half, apply the ready mixed barbecue sauce and follow that with the dill pickle slices, spread out evenly.
4. Put the cooked "rib" patty on next, then add the onions, followed by the heel. (bottom)
5. Wrap this masterpiece in a 12x16 sheet of waxed paper, let sit 5 minutes, then microwave on high about 15 seconds, still wrapped.
6. Enjoy a wonderful McRib® Sandwich!

                                                       Important Notes:

This is how we did it "back then". However, back then we also just used Bullseye® brand barbecue sauce. (original flavor) You might consider this option.

Also---this having never been an "official" McDonald's® sandwich, different franchise operators may have prepared it a little differently. Like putting the onions on
the crown side, or not putting pickles on it. Maybe they put sauce on both sides....etc...etc...Just customize it to the way YOU remember it.
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